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Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder

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Welcome to Jacob’s Ladder, we are so glad you’re here!

We are delighted to offer several programs for children ages 6 weeks-6 years. Our Program consists of three entities, Preschool, Child Care & RF4C (4K). We pride ourselves in small class sizes, and rich play based environments for children to learn, grow, and play together. Nurturing classrooms offer high quality care allowing children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and creatively.


Child Care operates year round, Monday-Friday 6am- 6pm and serves children ages 6 weeks- 6 years

We offer full or part times schedules based on availability. Child Care has four classrooms: Infant, One Year Old, Toddler & Preschool.


Preschool is designed for children ages 3-5, and follows the school calendar operating from September-May in 2 or 3 Half Day sessions.

We offer three classes with a ratio of 10:1 to allow for individual attention. All children must by 3 by October 15th of the given school year.

RF4C (4K) Jacob’s Ladder is a partner site for River Falls 4 Children providing community-based early learning program for four-year-old children.

RF4C follows the school district calendar and operates September-May in 5 half day sessions either morning or afternoon. 


In the Fall of 1985 Susanna Circle (Ezekiel’s Young Mother’s Circle) decided as a circle that there was a need for a Christian Preschool in our Community.  In February of 1986, the Church Council gave permission to start a preschool.  Jacob’s Ladder began in September of 1986, and began in the Church nursery.  When the new sanctuary was built in 1995, Jacob’s Ladder moved to its current location on the 2nd level of the Church.  RF4C began in September of 2012, and has been open at Ezekiel since day 1.    To best serve the community the decision was made to open a Child Care also in 2012 to allow for wrap around care with RF4C.  Child Care is located in the lower level of the Church and started as 2 classrooms and has expanded to 4 serving children 6 weeks-6 years.