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Ezekiel Green Team

Ezekiel’s Green Team

God calls us to care for the Earth and practice environmental stewardship.

Ezekiel’s Green Team strives to educate our community about what all of us can do individually and collectively to promote sustainability and care for all of God’s creation.

    Green Team Activities

    • Energy audit of the building
    • Replacing the current lights with energy efficient bulbs
    • Placing recycling bins in every room of the building with instructions of proper recycling
    • Celebrating Earth Day
    • Intergenerational events to educate about appropriate waste disposal
    • Planted a rain garden in the front of the building
    • Carbon Footprint Challenge to reduce our carbon emissions
    • Reducing our use of Plastics Pledge Campaign
    • Gift Wrapping Challenge – using environmentally friendly wrapping
    • Intergenerational event making bags out of old t-shirts
    • Green Tips in weekly publications
    • Solar Panel Project – Contributions for a 129 solar panel array to be installed Spring 2021

    Everyone is invited to be a member of the Green Team.
    Team Members: Chair Sandy Tauferner, Don Richards, and Valerie Wood

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