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In baptism we are given a beautiful gift of God’s blessing. We are baptized into the family of Christ and into a life of discipleship.  It’s a lifelong gift that is constantly being nurtured and growing through every step of our lives.  We surround each other in baptism, with promises from the parents of children or the adult being baptized, the sponsors, and the congregation.  We do this to help each other grow in faith in our daily lives.

At Ezekiel Lutheran Church while most often it’s infants that are baptized at the desire of their parents, we baptize children, youth and adults of any age. Most often it is people who are members of the Ezekiel congregation. It is important to be connected to a congregation that will be responsible for the baptized.

For more information about baptism at Ezekiel Lutheran Church please read the following documents.

Ezekiel Lutheran Church Baptismal Information Sheet

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